The Platform

SyRIO (System for Reporting the Incidents in Offshore Oil&Gas Activities) is a web-platform primarily designed to assist the offshore Operators/Owners and the Competent Authorities in complying with the provisions on reporting the offshore incidents, as provided by Directive 2013/30/EU (the Offshore Directive) and Regulation 1112/2014.

SyRIO provides the secured environment that allows a safe and sound communication of the incidents from the Operators/Owners to the Competent Authority, following the reporting template given by the Common Reporting Format (CRF).

The platform has been developed at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre - Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate (EC JRC - ETC ) premises.

Hosting & Version

The current platform is hosted by the Competent Authority of Croatia ( AZU.hr )

Version: 1.3.20170427 build 1616